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Professional traveling New Orleans Notary Public will meet you at a location of your choosing for Affidavits and other legal documents that need to be notarized. We can service all of your notarization needs at your convenience,Parish Notary is  fast and affordable.

Apostilles and Certifications

Let us help you obtain proper document certification from the US State Department, foreign consulates, State Department Authentications, and more with our Mobile New Orleans Notary Public service

Advance Medical Directives

Written statements for medical treatment, living wills, and POA document authentication. Our mobile New Orleans notary service can meet at a hospital, care facility, or the privacy of your own home. Ensure that your wishes are respected and carried out in the event that an Advance Directive should be necessary. Medical Events can devastate a family that is not equipped with Notarized Advanced Medical Directives.

Durable Power of Attorney

In the event that you or a loved on is unable to communicate or otherwise becomes incapacitated, a Durable Power of Attorney can allow family and/or friends to make important healthcare decisions on your behalf.  A Notary plays an important role in authenticating documents prepared on behalf of your family. When important financial decisions arise, it is essential to be prepared with the correct documents.

Wills and Living Trusts

Plan ahead for the future and make your wishes known with legal documents including Wills and Living Trusts. Our Mobile Notary Public serves all of New Orleans with fast and dependable service. Schedule a meeting at your place of work, your attorneys, or wherever is most convenient for your needs.

Grant Deeds

A Grant Deed is used for the sale or other transfer of real property from one person to another. A Mobile Notary can meet you at your place of residence, a commercial property, bank or any other location of your choosing in order to authenticate the necessary documentation.

Loan Document Packages

Ensure a timely escrow by properly authenticating Loan Document Packages. Mobile Notary Public for Real Estate transactions available to meet at your place of business, your private residence, or any other location at your convenience.

DMV Documentation

Proper Identification is required to complete Documentation for the Department of Motor Vehicles. A mobile notary public is available to meet at your home, office, or nearest DMV.

Any Contract

Contracts and legal documents can be authenticated with the assistance of a mobile notary. We can provide acknowledgments of signature and authentication for Any Contract.

Minor Travel Documents

Children traveling under a certain age required travel consent forms to be signed by the parent or legal guardian. A mobile notary can authenticate these documents at your place of residence or any other location convenient to your travel needs.

Quit Claim Deeds

A mobile Notary for Quit Claim Deeds can be necessary for the transfer of interest in real property. Complete and execute the necessary documentation for a valid and legal transaction.

Any other document requiring notarization

Guaranteed Fast Quality for all of your notarization needs. Schedule one of our professional mobile notary publics to meet at any location suitable to your needs including your personal residence, place of work, hospitals, jails, banks, loan offices, coffee shops, studios, and anywhere that you may need to meet.